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Vitamin D Tablets – Calcemeg D


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Vitamin D Tablets – Calcemeg D

Vitamin D is essential for everyone, whether its a child or an adult. It is important to get Vitamin D through healthy diet and by taking supplements.
Calcemeg-D meets your deficiency needs!
Weak bones are a problem mostly found in every household due to a lack of healthy diet, vitamin and calcium intake. Vitamin D being one of the best vitamin to take regularly to maintain strong bones as it absorbs calcium and promotes bone growth.
Launched our product Calcemeg D which is extracted by advance patent technology from Vitamin D3, Calcium, Magnesium and Cartilage to meet your deficiency needs. It is a formula generated scientifically with active ingredients that supports healthy bones and muscles and promotes joint flexibility without any side-effects to the human body.
These newly formulated tablets is effective to improve osteoporosis and bone mineral density by meeting your body’s vitamin and mineral needs for a healthier lifestyle and stronger bones.
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